How To Pick A Mediterranean Sea Cruise?

Sea Cruise

If you wish to explore the rich history and tradition that define the different places by the Mediterranean Sea you will want to embark on a Mediterranean Sea cruise. There are about fifty cruise lines that operate in this area and about fifty ports of call. Hence, those who wish to travel on such cruises have several options to choose from. The cruises have a different itinerary that one can choose from, which can vary in length; hence you might embark on a cruise that covers 10 to 14 days at sea with points of departure being flexible.

Sea Cruise

The cruise lines that operate in this area usually have categories of a cruise that they operate, namely the Eastern Mediterranean, Western Mediterranean and the Holy Land. You can review the cruises that are designed for such classifications. The ports of call they frequent are several and these include places in Asia, Africa, and Europe, which are usually outlined in the cruise catalog or itinerary.

Common stops of Mediterranean cruises

If you opt for a Western Mediterranean cruise you will have stopped by the west coast of Italy, France, and Spain with stops at cities like Rome, Italy, Barcelona in Spain and so forth. There are embarkation and debarkation points for large cruise lines. When the stops at the popular cities are included people can get to enjoy local city tours such as enjoying paella in Spain while planning a visit to the Picasso Gallery.

Most cruises stop by Civitavecchia in Italy, which is a gateway to Rome. Travelers who come here or are part of the cruise could also stop here for a few days; they can take in the historical sites of Rome as per the itinerary of the cruise. One could take up a local tour that would take them to the Colosseum, the Vatican or the Sistine Chapel or include a tour of all such places. There are stops by the ports of France such as Marseille which is the second largest city in France or cities that are part of the Provence region of the country. There are other popular stops such as the Cannes, Nice or French Riviera.

An Eastern Mediterranean cruise would include stops in Rome or Barcelona as well as places like Istanbul in Turkey, Athens in Greece and so forth.

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