If you are looking to make the most of your flotilla sailing holidays, then you need to come to us. A flotilla sailing is a group of yacht sailing together with a flotilla skipper captaining the lead yacht. You get to enjoy all the benefits of sailing in your own yacht or boat, but also can avail the support of the flotilla crew. This way you get to experience the best of both worlds and make your sailing holiday a memorable one.

We offer you flotilla shipping holidays like no other. You are the skipper of your boat and you get to decide on the day’s itinerary. You can look to sail hard in the waters or you can idle the boat on the next port and bake in the sun. If you are looking for a unique and memorable holiday experience with your spouse, friends or family members, then try our sailing holidays.

A great holiday experience

We arrange the sailing itineraries in such a manner that you get to visit the best places and free sailing options. You can enjoy a picnic on the bay or pull over for a swim in the waters. You also get to visit some of the best local towns to get to know their art, culture and enjoy the bars and local food.

We love sailing and want our customers to get the most of their sailing holidays. We believe that we can make a huge difference to your sailing holidays. The majority of the sailors sailing with us come to us the next year with more of their friends and family. You can enjoy a comfortable sailing holiday with us always.